I'm Ready for a Miracle -- Music & Lyrics by Carmen Moshier (Association of Unity Churches) Copyright 1974

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Iím read-y for a mir-a-cle, read-y for a mir-a-cle,

Iím read-y for a mir-a-cle to-day.
Iíve got my mind in tune for one,
Read-y to ex-per-i-ence one,
Iím read-y for a mir-a-cle to-day!
My mind is op-en, read-y to re-ceive it,
My heart is op-en, op-en all the way.
I do ac-cept a mir-a-cle, do ac-cept a mir-a-cle,
I do ac-cept a mir-a-cle to-day.
I do re-ceive a mir-a-cle, do re-ceive a mir-a-cle,
I do re-ceive a mir-a-cle to-day.